Spring is the perfect time to prep your outdoor space for some entertaining. Check out our guide to hosting an outdoor party so that you can invite your friends and family over for some fun once the weather warms up again, the sun is shining, and the days get longer.

Get Your Patio Ready

One of the best ways to host an outdoor party is by setting up a patio if you don’t already have one. Custom patios can be constructed to perfectly fit your outdoor space, and they can be made from a range of materials that will be easy to clean and maintain. Plus, patios keep your guests off the grass and serve as the perfect spot on which to put your table and chairs, your outdoor couch, and your barbecue. If you need some inspiration, you can research outdoor patios for parties and generate some great ideas.

Pick Your Menu

Planning what to serve your guests can take a bit of time. If you want to prepare all of the food yourself, go for it, but just be aware that investing in all of those ingredients can become pricey really quickly. As another option, you can have your outdoor party catered by a local restaurant that you love. With the right catering company, you can have all of the food delivered and set up for serving buffet-style. Plus, you can have a range of options available so that your guests who have allergies or dietary preferences will have plenty to choose from.

When it comes to drinks, you can hire a bartender or you can have a bar station. You can even come up with a signature drink for your event and give it a funny name. Or you could simply set up coolers that are filled with a variety of canned and bottled beverages that your guests can grab at their leisure.

Your Guide to Hosting an Outdoor Party This Spring

Now that winter is over, you can incorporate the bright and beautiful pastel hues of the spring season into your outdoor party through your décor. Set your table with a centrepiece of bright flowers, and set out colourful cups and dishes that your guests can use when it’s time to feast. Sticking with shades of yellow, green, pink, and purple will definitely bring your spring event to life.

White string lights are also a great way to decorate for your event once the sun goes down. These are inexpensive, and they are easy to set up along your fence or around your bushes. You can even hang these lights across the table to keep the party going long into the night.

With the tips above, you can pull off an outstanding outdoor party this spring right at your own home. Just be sure to invite your guests in advance so that you can rest assured that they will set aside the time to come party with you and make memories that will last a lifetime.