There’s nothing quite as relaxing as being able to take your morning coffee out to your patio, sit down and relax, and enjoy the fresh air and sounds of nature all around you. Of course, in order to make this picture complete, you need that perfect outdoor furniture that complements your patio and fits all your needs and requirements. Outdoor furniture can be quite an investment, especially if you are starting from scratch, which is why you want to be sure you pick the right items.

In order to help you in your search for the perfect outdoor furniture, we’ve put together a list of things to consider before you make a purchase.

What Are the Most Common Materials?

When it comes to outdoor furniture there are a few popular materials to choose from. The material you choose will affect its cost and durability, so it’s important to be aware of the list of pros and cons for each.

Plastic, resin, and polymer are excellent for those who want a lightweight, cost-effective, low maintenance option. You can find a variety of colours and sizes, and they tend to be stackable which makes for easy storage. Look for models that resist fading, cracking, peeling, mildew, stains, and insects to increase the longevity.

Steel is another option for those who want durable furniture. Keep in mind that when exposed to direct sunlight it can become quite hot, so you’ll most likely want to purchase seat cushions. It may also require a protective finish to prevent it from rusting.

Wood has long since been a popular option but keep in mind that it requires quite a bit of maintenance. It looks great when you first purchase it, but it can fade and warp quickly.

Wicker and rattan is another common material used. This tends to be very comfortable and lightweight and you’ll find it’s used indoors and outdoors. It’s a good idea to use a seat cushion with wicker to help prevent wear and tear as well as fading.

What Weather Will It Be Exposed To?

In order to pick the right material you need to think about what kind of weather the furniture will be exposed to. If you have a covered patio for example, then you have a lot more options available to you since it won’t really be exposed. If, however, you are looking for items that will be exposed to the elements at all times, then you need something more durable and weather-proof.

How Do You Want to Set Up The Space?

The set-up will also help to determine the furniture you buy. Are you looking to create a lounge space, or do you want to create a dining space? Clearly these require totally different types of seating and furniture.

Measure the Space Before Buying

The final tip is to make sure you measure your space before you go ahead and purchase the furniture. You want to be sure it not only fits but that there is still room to move about comfortably.

The Right Furniture Makes the Space

Finding that perfect furniture for your outdoor space can be time-consuming and even a bit confusing, but by remembering these tips you’ll be sure to find the ideal pieces.