Owning a home and building a patio is just something that tends to go hand-in-hand for most Australians. There is that desire and need to have an outdoor space that is comfortable, welcoming, and usable year-round, and that is exactly what a patio offers. Of course, deciding to build a patio and then deciding on the final design and features isn’t always easy, as there is a lot to consider.

Here in Australia, the sun can get extremely hot, and since autumn and winter are traditionally quite mild, one never really has to contend with cold temperatures. This is exactly why insulated roofing has become such a popular option for homeowners. It’s able to offer a number of benefits that other materials just can’t rival. So, what are the advantages of insulated roofing? Here’s a look at the top reasons to choose this type of roof.

It Acts As Insulation

As we all know, it can get very hot in Australia during the summer months. Without proper cover, it can end up being too steamy to sit outdoors for any length of time. This leads us to the biggest benefit of insulated roofing. The roofing features a polystyrene core, which can substantially reduce radiant heat.

When you think of insulation, you think of keeping spaces warm during cold periods, but the opposite is also true. It can help to keep an area cool, even when it’s very hot outside. Those few degrees of relief can make a huge difference on a hot summer day and may encourage you to sit outdoors even more.

Protection from Damaging UV Rays

Everyone is aware of how damaging the UV rays from the sun are. They take a very serious toll on your skin and they will even fade your patio material, furniture, seat cushions and pillows, the grill, and everything else you’ve got sitting outdoors.

By installing an insulated roof, you will be protecting everything beneath it from the UV rays. This means you have peace of mind sitting on the patio, even on the brightest and sunniest of days. It will also expand the lifespan of your items since they aren’t incurring UV damage.

Tone Down the Noise

Building a covered patio means you will have the option to sit outdoors year-round, regardless of the weather. Even when it rains, you’ll be able to sit under the roof and remain dry. The problem with a lot of patio roofing is that it doesn’t do anything to dampen the sound of rain and even hail falling. In fact, sometimes the roofing material can seem to amplify the noise.
That isn’t the case with insulated roofing though. It acts to dampen the noise, so you will be able to enjoy the outdoors without having to cover your ears and shout to be heard over the rain.

Well Worth Looking Into

With its many benefits, insulated roofing is a material that is well worth looking into for your patio design.