Over the last few years, the popularity of Solarspan has exploded and it’s easy to see why. Solarspan roofing from First Choice Patios is perfectly suited to the hot Australian climate for a number of reasons. First of all, by utilising a polystyrene core, Solarspan roofing is able to provide efficient and long-lasting insulation at a great price. Polystyrene isn’t just a fantastic insulation material either; it is also effective at dampening the noise of rain and hail falling on the roof, something which is often a major drawback of other roofing materials.

A covered patio means that you can enjoy outdoor barbeques with friends and family all year round while being sheltered from both bad weather and the intense UV rays, which are an unfortunate side effect of those beautiful, sunny days that make for perfect barbeque weather.

With a Solarspan roof, the polystyrene core is bonded to Colorbond high tensile steel sheets. These are not only very strong; they also ensure that the patio area beneath is insulated from direct sunlight and kept at a cool and comfortable temperature.

As well as being a durable and versatile roofing material, Solarspan is easy to install, requires little to no maintenance, and is easy to paint and customise so that fits in with the overall aesthetic of your property.


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