Skillion roof patios are a very popular choice for those living in hotter regions. The design of these patios makes them particularly effective at providing shade and they can reduce the temperature immediately beneath them by as much as five degrees when the ambient temperature is 40 degrees Celsius or more.

Modern manufacturing and design methods allow us to produce skillion roofing to very precise specifications. We now have more control over aspects such as the shape of the roof, the materials we can use, and the opacity of the roof.

For properties that receive a great deal of sun exposure, a skillion roof is a perfect way to create some shade and shelter in the backyard. Skillion roofs can be installed very rapidly and with a minimum of fuss, in order to create space for you to host barbeques and other outdoor gatherings of friends and family, without having to worry about the blazing sun.

Skillion patios from First Choice Patios are of a high quality and installation is quick and affordable. Skillion roof patios allow you to make the most of your outdoor space and will let you enjoy them in comfort, no matter what the weather.


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