Pyramid patios are an excellent way to create an open yet sheltered space on your patio. As the name implies, pyramid patios are a stylish and eye-catching pyramid shape with the sloping sides made from different panels. These can either be clear, to allow natural light to flow through, or they can be opaque to block it out. Most pyramid patios consist of a combination of the two.

As with other types of patio, pyramid patios can be installed attached or detached from the house, and with several different materials and designs to choose from, pyramid patios can easily be made to fit in with the surrounding aesthetic of your home.

In addition to looking fantastic, the high roofs of pyramid patios ensure they are spacious while improving ventilation when barbequing outdoors.

First Choice Patios offer great quality patios at an affordable price. Our high-quality pyramid patios make an excellent addition to any home. They can be fitted with skylights and their panels arranged in various patterns to take full advantage of the design opportunities offered by the unique shape and form of the patios.

If you’re looking for a stylish and elegant way of adding some sheltered space to your garden, then look no further than a pyramid patio from First Choice Patios.


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