First Choice Patios in a market leader that specialises in the design and construction of gable patios in the Perth area of W.A. Using high quality materials supplied with long warranty periods, you can have a custom-design patio that adds value and outdoor enjoyment for your entire family.

Gable patios can be built as freestanding structures, or they can be attached to your house and provide a natural extension to your indoor living area. With a pitched gable roof structure, this type of patio gives a feeling of space and open-air comfort.

A patio of this type not only extends the living area of your house but also offers a natural connection between indoor and outdoor living. The roof design for a gable patio can be constructed as a natural extension of the existing house and its lofty design will give people a feeling of space and open air.

Patios of this type are ideal for the favourable climate on the southwestern coast of Australia, a climate that invites year-round outdoor living. The gable patio will protect you from the hot sun as well as inclement weather and provide an all-weather outdoor environment.


Make an appointment to meet a First Choice Patios representative onsite to explore and discuss the alternatives of placement, size, and the most suitable roof line and roof sheeting. Contact First Patios now and plan a patio extension where you can relax and enjoy a sheltered outdoor area protected from the hot summer sun and inclement weather conditions.

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