The sunny and warm climate in Western Australia is ideal for outdoor living. You can enjoy it so much more if you can also relax outdoors within the surrounds of your own house and garden. A dome patio is the ideal solution and First Choice Patios in Perth has the expertise to build a custom-designed dome patio that will add value and year-round enjoyment for your family.

Patios of any kind, in areas with the favourable climate that the southwestern coastline of Australia offers, become an extension to your house where you and your family can enjoy pleasant days and evenings, protected from the hot sun and inclement weather. In addition, dome patios have unique qualities in that they offer a feeling of space and light. The arched truss design that dominates the look of a dome patio not only looks attractive and inviting, it also lets in plenty of natural light while still offering protection from the hot summer sun.


Make an appointment to meet a First Choice Patios representative onsite to explore and discuss the alternatives of placement, size, and the most suitable roof line and roof sheeting. Contact First Patios now and plan a patio extension where you can relax and enjoy a sheltered outdoor area protected from the hot summer sun and inclement weather conditions.

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