The trend of creating outdoor living space is nothing new. In fact, here in Australia, people have been enjoying this style of living for quite some time now. It provides homeowners with a chance to enjoy the outdoors and feel as though the space they have has been expanded. However, in order for your outdoor living space to be functional and inviting, it also needs to feel private. Having your neighbours able to see everything that you do outside isn’t exactly ideal, and it doesn’t give you any sense of privacy at all.

If you’d like to get outdoors more but feel your yard lacks privacy, here are some ways you can change that and create an inviting and private outdoor living space.

Build a Patio Space

The first thing you’ll want to do is look into the various patio designs available to homeowners today. Patios provide you with a designated area to place furniture, a dining table, and chairs and act as a living space. Now, and here’s the best part, you can choose to make that patio as private as you want. Adding a roof will not only give you shade from the sun, but it also adds an instant sense of privacy.

Pyramid patios in Perth are an excellent and popular design option. Their signature pyramid shape complete with sloping sides and a roof can either be clear or opaque for the ultimate privacy. As an added bonus, the fact that the roof is so high allows for better ventilation, which is important if you plan on grilling on the patio.

Make Use of Privacy Screens

In most cases, people don’t tend to add walls to their patio. If you want to increase the level of privacy, you can always make use of privacy screens. These are screens that can be moved around and placed wherever you like, blocking neighbours from seeing in and even helping to block the sunlight if you choose. This is a flexible and cost-effective way to achieve privacy.

Choose Privacy Greenery and Plantings

Of course, if you’re looking for a natural approach to privacy that also adds to the atmosphere of your outdoor space, it’s a good idea to look into privacy greenery and plantings. Tall thick shrubs, trees, and hedges are usually the best way to shield your yard. You may want to pick greenery that either grows quickly or is already mature, so you aren’t waiting years to see the results.

Install Privacy Fencing

For those looking to go the extra mile, you can also install privacy fencing. Keep in mind this is a pretty costly solution but for some homeowners, it’s the best fit.

Achieve Privacy in a Number of Ways

Achieving privacy in your yard so you can better enjoy the space is actually achievable in a number of ways. It really depends on the budget you are working with, the space you have, and just what level of privacy you are after.