Has your home been feeling a bit cramped as of late? Do you wish you had more living space but you aren’t interested in moving elsewhere in Australia? This is when it’s time to start looking at your outdoor space in a new light since outdoor living space can completely transform the way you see your home. One of the best ways to take advantage of your yard and really extend your home is with a gable patio. A gable patio is one of the most popular patio designs in Australia, making it well worth considering.

So, let’s dig a little deeper and take a look at what a gable patio is and how it can change the feel of your home, both inside and out.

A Gable Patio Excels in Flexibility

Unlike many other patio designs, a gable patio excels in the area of flexibility. It can really be whatever you want or need it to be. This type of patio can be attached to your house or you can opt for a freestanding structure that’s placed away from your home, elsewhere in your yard. No matter where it is placed, the idea is that it offers more living space since it is a covered patio.

Just as you can decide where you want the gable patio, you can also pick the size and shape of the patio. Whether you are working with a big outdoor space or a small one, a gable patio can fit.

The Roof Can Blend with the Existing Structure

What’s really nice about these gable patios is that you can choose the same type and colour of roof as your home has. It will appear as though it is a natural extension of your home and that it wasn’t built after the fact. They can literally just flow into one another. Gable patios in Perth are often constructed to look as though they have been there the whole time and are just part of the house.

It Can Be Cheaper Than a Gazebo

If budget is a big concern when you are trying to create a sense of space in your home, then a gable patio will also be the best option. Gazebos can offer the extra space that you are searching for, but they tend to be incredibly expensive. You’ll get the same results with a gable patio, but with a much lower price tag.

A Gable Roof Creates a Sense of Space

The fact that the gable porch has that traditional gable roof, which sees two gables meeting at a 90-degree angle, creates a sense of spaciousness. Even if the patio itself is relatively small, the peaked roof will make you feel as though there is a lot more room than there actually is.

Outdoor Space Can Transform Your Indoor Space

As you look for ways to make the most of your indoor space, you may, in fact, want to take a good look at how you’re using your outdoor space. Outdoor living can extend your home like you hadn’t even thought of.